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Fluting Oak accurately and cleanly

We were asked recently to help out on a project for David Haugh kitchens, as they had a client who had requested a decorative cornice in quality Oak with regular half round fluting.

To set this up conventionally using handheld routers, measuring out and making a gig to help space and guide the cutting bit would be laborious and time consuming. There would also be a factor in keeping the cutting tool moving so that the wood would not burn. Not impossible but for a bespoke, possibly one off job it was far more cost effective and viable for us to step in and help.

Working with our client we were able to provide some samples and then once the customer had chosen the spacing and look they wanted we were able to flute 3 x 3 meter lengths of freshly machines Oak.

Now that the work was a success this option and samples are available to more customers who come through the door, enabling a USP that could make all the difference when a customer weighs up who to employ for their bespoke kitchen.

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