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Save Money with our Birch Plywood Kitchen Cabinets and Door Fronts

It's always worth comparing the market regarding price and value, why pay more for the same quality product and service? Or more for a product that has been manufactured professionally to the same high standards?

We can save our clients money in the following ways when buying a Birch plywood kitchen.

1. We source our material from wholesale suppliers, directly from the entrance ports into the UK and in a regularity and volume that allows us to be considered for wholesale trade supply. Our role as a company it to CNC cut and deliver high precision, high quality products. Our focus on profit is in the manufacture, so we are able directly passed onto our clients our trade savings.

2. Our workshop is based on a farm in a rural location south of London which means we have lower overheads compared with companies based in London or Greater London. Our focus is on applying our knowledge and CNC cutting equipment towards completing a project and charging a rate that provides us enough income. Any saving on the market cutting and fabricating rate is passed onto our clients and shows in a fixed price quote.

3. In most cases all our projects are delivered in one delivery via our network of professional, experienced couriers. Our southern location means our delivery reach covers all of London and the South East. As mentioned in point 1 & 2 offset against an hour or two of delivery cost our services are practically guaranteed to save our clients hundreds of pounds on a typical birch plywood kitchen job.


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