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CNC Cutting Plastic

CNC cutting plastic with a CNC router machine

Cutting Plastic with our CNC router

Our CNC panel router is regularly used to CNC cut plastics such as Polycarbonate, HIPS and Acrylic. In use our CNC router cutting machinery can cut and drill plastics into components that are accurate and repeatable.


When CNC router cutting plastics we find that the edge cut finish we produce is far superior to what a panel saw would produce with the added versatility of producing accurate curves and holes that would not be possible with standard cutting machinery or hand held routers.


CNC cutting of plastics offers many advantages to our clients:


  • Curved work on sheets of up to 2440 x 1220 mm

  • Good standard of edge cuts

  • High Accuracy of components and drill hole locations

  • Digital solution that can upscale

  • Competitive pricing of CNC cutting and materials

Want a fast quote ? Please send us your DXF, DWG or PDF files.
Client Testimonial

"Just a quick note to say thank you - really pleased with the components"



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